Heat pumps are a perfect alternative to traditional furnaces and air conditioning systems. These systems come in ducted or ductless options and you can also opt for air-source or geothermal systems. The basic function of a heat pump is to pull thermal energy from one location and move it into your home or business for heating. The heat pump can also be put into reverse operation to provide energy-efficient cooling in the warm season.

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With an air-source heat pump, you’ll enjoy large energy savings compared to traditional AC systems. The system doesn’t run on fossil fuels, so you’ll get nothing but clean heating and cooling in your living or working space. You can also appreciate customized temperature control comfort in different sections of your building or residence when you choose zoning options. With geothermal options such as ground-source or water-source, the energy savings will be much larger since the geothermal heat pump has access to stable temperatures year-round. Geothermal heat pumps are by far the most energy-efficient systems on the market!

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