Summer Air Conditioning Maintenance

Here in Southwest Florida summer is in full force. Our air conditioners work overtime to keep us cool so it is only right that we should be good to our air conditioners. Often times we only think of doing maintenance in preparation for a season but there is maintenance that can and should be done midsummer as well. Of course, even though many HVAC technicians are kept busy with repairs during summer, we always have time to help. But let’s examine some things you can do yourself to save money and keep your AC in tip-top shape during the heat of summer.

1. Air Filters

These are a major line of defense between you and all types of dust, dirt and allergens. There are many different types of air filters and they are very much a “get what you pay” type of product, but they are all inexpensive so try not to skimp. There are reusable filters that can be cleaned at regular intervals and the disposable type. Disposables should be changed every one to three months. Keeping on top of your air filter will keep your ducts cleaner and you will have better air quality in your home.

2. Tune Ups

An air conditioner is a machine just like a car. Imagine if you never changed your oil and filter, bought new brake pads or balanced and rotated your tires. Your car would not last nearly as long as it was built to last. The same goes for air conditioners. And the same way you need a mechanic to fix the car, you need a certified HVAC technician to tune up your air conditioner. This keeps your unit running at peak condition and saves you money since the unit runs efficiently.

3. Clean the Outside Unit

This is very basic. Just check and make sure no debris is blocking off any air intake and you are all set. If there is debris, turn the system off at the breaker before removing it. If you feel the debris is not safe to remove for any reason do not touch it. Turn the unit off and call an HVAC repair technician. Do not take any chances with anything you are unsure about.

4. Check for Leaks

If you notice the area under the drain pipe overflowing remove the debris from the drain pipe if you know how. Again, we all like to save money but safety and the health of your machine are more important so do not try to repair anything you are not sure about.

If you are experiencing leaks or have questions about our maintenance plans call 7th Generation Air Conditioning and Heating today at 941-966-1684.

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