Mini Split A/C Installation & Service

Mini Split AC Installation & Service

What is a Mini Split AC?

Mini Split air conditioners use an evaporator, or cold indoor coil, that cools your house. A hot outdoor coil, called a condenser, releases heat outside the home. The copper tubing for evaporator and condenser coils are s-shaped tubing accompanied by aluminum fins.
Ductless Mini Split ACs are useful when working in an older home or to retrofit additions made to your home. No ducts are required. They are ideal when extending or installing distribution duct work isn’t possible.

Installing Mini Split Air Condition

We can install your ductless Mini Split AC. We will work with you to find the best configuration for the outside unit. For instance, the conduit between the outdoor and indoor units only requires a three-inch hole. Manufacturers of these systems provide a greater variety of lengths for connecting conduits. We can put the outdoor unit up to 50 feet away from the indoor unit. This provides a lot of flexibility, especially for building owners, to install the compressor in the most inconspicuous spot outside the building.

Servicing Mini Splits

Our services include servicing your Mini Split AC and we are familiar with all majors brands on the market. In between your regular service appointments, you can give your Mini Split some love. Using a clean, dry cloth, gently wipe the air filters until they are free of dirt and dust.  Typically, it should be done every four to six weeks for the best results and performance. If you aren’t comfortable doing this, no problem. Our professionals will take care of everything the next time we see you.

Most service and repairs, should be done by a trained professional. Incorrect maintenance can result in damage to the delicate fins of the With proper maintenance and care, your ductless AC will last longer and work better.



Service in Sarasota, FL

We’re Sarasota, FL trained professionals experienced in mini split air conditioning and would love to work with you and take a look at your ductless AC once a year. As part of the normal maintenance, we will inspect the drain hoses for blockage and check for refrigerant leaks. Electrical connections and run capacitors also need to be looked at. We’re able to service and/or install your unite. The technicians perform any repairs or replacements that enable your air conditioning unit to maximize its performance.

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