How do I Improve my Home Air Quality?

With the blazing heat here in Southwest Florida you may find yourself spending more time indoors trying to stay cool. People are always talking about the environment outside but what about inside your home? Did you know that air quality is almost always poorer inside than out? With that in mind let’s look at some things you can do to improve your indoor air quality.

Air Out

Since the air outside is fresher it is a great strategy to make a regular practice of opening up some windows on a regular basis if weather permits.

Smoke Outside

We’re not here to judge anyone but it’s a known fact that cigarettes and cigar smoke contains an enormous amount of toxic chemicals. If you or someone in your house smokes set up a place that’s comfortable to do it outside. If you entertain guests that smoke let them know you don’t smoke in the house and set up a comfortable smoking area for get-togethers.

Dust Regularly

Everybody who owns a home has dust. It’s just a fact of life that everything turns to dust. And if dust isn’t bad enough to breathe in try adding dust mites to the equation. Toss the feather dusters out and use damp wash cloths to dust. Feather dusters, even the clingy kind, have a habit of redistributing dust to other parts of the room. Damp cloths are the best way to eradicate dust. The important part is to do it often before you have large build ups.

Do Laundry

Dirty clothes definitely bring a lot of dust into the home so wash regularly. Also wash blankets, sheets, towels, comforters and pillow cases which all make excellent homes for dust mites, pollen and other allergens.

Have your Air Ducts Cleaned

This is really tempting for do it your selfers to try on their own but we strongly recommend against this. Trained HVAC professionals clean your ducts and reach areas that you don’t even realize are there unless you are certified. Often you can sign up for extremely affordable maintenance plans where a technician will come out and clean them regularly for you. Technicians are trained to spot mold and clean hard to reach areas.

Don’t Use Synthetic Fragrances

They may smell nice but again, they are full of chemicals that many doctors say are not healthy to be breathed in. Try looking for all natural products.

Place House Plants

All plants take carbon dioxide out of the air and put oxygen back into the air. But for the home there are specific plants that are great at getting chemicals out of the air and filling your house with oxygen. Throw out the fake plants and try some real house plants for nice fresh oxygen.

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