The southwest Florida summers can be so brutal we mostly dream of cold iced teas and air conditioning. The last thing on our minds is the heater. But we’re here to tell you that just because it is summer doesn’t mean you should neglect caring for your heater. Let’s examine four reasons to check on the heater during summertime.


Machines are built to be used. Here in Florida, some years the heater only gets used for three months and sits dormant for nine. The same way a mechanic advises that you start up a car that isn’t driven often just to keep it running applies to your heater. We know the thought of turning on your heater during summer sounds awful but turn it on for a few minutes every two weeks to 30 days to make sure it still works. Also we strongly recommend finding a good HVAC technician and buying a maintenance agreement. The benefits are numerous and it keeps you from having to remember what to do with your heater and when to do it. A trained HVAC professional knows exactly what maintenance is needed to keep your heater in tip top shape and part of that is checking on it during the summer for you.


Again we’d like to point out that machines have a tendency to break down if they are not used for a long period of time. If you check the heater and it fails to turn on you will need repairs. Catching this during the summer is a much better alternative than finding out your heater no longer works on the first really cold day of winter. Maintenance plans are a great way to find these problems before you need to use the heater and quite often you can get discounts if you are signed up for a maintenance plan.


Having your heater regularly maintenanced even during summer means that when winter does come the system will cost less to run because it is using less power. A well-oiled machine always requires less power than a neglected one. Get a trained professional to maintenance your heater all year round and you will save money on electricity. Maintenance plans can make this service cheaper and save you the hassle of remembering to call a tech out to provide the service. Make your wallet happy by keeping your heater happy.


Even in Florida, the coldest part of winter is not when you want your heater to break down. This can be dangerous for infants and the elderly. Having your heater serviced during the summer will prevent those untimely breakdowns. Again we recommend maintenance plans so that a professional is keeping an eye on all your systems year round and saving you the aggravation of a mid winter break down.

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