Five Thermostats and How they Work

Everyone who owns a home at one point or another has to replace a thermostat. The ones we have are almost part of the family with the way we become so accustomed to working with them. But when that time comes that you need to buy a new thermostat what type will you buy? Which one works best for you? We aim to answer those questions by discussing five thermostats and how they work.


These are your run-of-the-mill thermostats that many people have not switched away from yet. They are generally digital unless you have an older model. These are fairly simple and are great for people who do not care about technology and don’t mind waiting a bit for temperature changes. Some models have as few as four buttons that turn the temperature up and down and cut the heater or AC on and off.


Programmable thermostats are convenient in that they allow you to pre-set the temperature for different times of day. This can often help save money for people who sometimes forget to turn the unit off when they leave for work. Some models are as simple as a morning and night temperature setting while other models have up to four different temperature settings in a 24 hour period. One of the great benefits is being able to program your system to turn on just before you arrive home so that you arrive to a perfectly cooled or heated home.

Touch Screen

It seems like touch screen technology is showing up everywhere. Restaurants are even using it at their tables for customers to order and pay. So why not thermostats? Some people love the fact that it eliminates the need for cleaning hard to reach places around buttons. Less buttons also reduces the chance of hitting a wrong button and finding a setting you don’t like. They even eliminate the need for a paper manual as everything you need to know is literally right there on the touch screen. Just be sure to choose a model with finger size in mind. Someone with large fingers will have ample trouble operating a very small touch screen.

Wireless Thermostats

Wireless means you can literally control the temperature of your home from anywhere. These models are more expensive than others but the efficiency of being able to control temperature at any given time from anywhere almost pays for itself. They work much like programmable thermostats where you can interrupt the program and make adjustments for higher efficiency when necessary.

Outlet Thermostats

These attach to the outlet for your portable heater and/ or air conditioner. So instead of portables running all of the time they can now have the convenience that comes with having thermostat settings.

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