AC Repair

Residential Air Conditioning Repair

In Sarasota and Florida in general, most of the years is characterized by heat and humidity. The last thing we want is to get stuck with a broken air conditioner in the heat of a scorching Florida summer..

The Initial Phone Call

Our top-notch service at 7th Generation Air Conditioning and Heating begins with the first phone call. We do not deal in huge fancy call centers where you wait on hold listening to elevator music for an hour. We are your neighbors in Southwest Florida, and we pick up the phone, listen to your issue, and most importantly, we care.

Fast Service

We understand that losing air conditioning in the middle of summer is unbearable at best, and dangerous for our elderly loved ones at worst. That is why we treat you like part of our family and send a professional HVAC technician to you as soon as possible.

Inspect and Diagnose

Our first priority is to find out exactly what the problem with your air conditioner is and our trained eyes are the best in the business at doing so. But good service doesn’t stop there. While we are looking over your system we keep an eye out for components that look like they could cause another breakdown in the future. We do not just want you to know what is causing the immediate problem you are experiencing. We want you to be aware of the complete state of your air conditioning system.


You Make the Choice

We give you all the facts. We understand not everyone can afford to revamp their system on the spot. Our first priority is to get you cooled off and comfortable. Then we will discuss and work with you on anything we see that could cause another breakdown. We will let you know how serious it is and give you a ballpark estimate of what it will take to get your system in perfect condition. We aren’t in the business of pushing unnecessary repairs on you, but as an air conditioning service that cares, we want you to know the truth of where your system stands. The ultimate choice is yours. If you want us to just get the cool air going and come back when you are ready to update the rest of your unit we will be there for you as the best emergency AC repair Bradenton and other parts of south-west Florida.

Follow-up and Maintenance

We make it a point to check in with you and see if your air conditioner has treated you well since we left. As we do with anyone, we will highly recommend a yearly maintenance contract. They are very affordable and they allow us to catch these problems before you have a breakdown. They keep your air conditioning system clean and in good working condition and they are a lot less costly then repairs. Would we make more money by letting your AC unit break down and not offering maintenance plans? Of course. Would you trust someone who would do that or bring them you future business? Of course not. We want to be your one-stop shop for your heating and air conditioning needs for life and we accomplish that by treating you how we want to be

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