Four Types of Air Conditioners and How they Work

In Southwest Florida air conditioners are breaking down in large numbers due to the extreme heat. This is nothing new for us here in the Sarasota area. But when an air conditioner completely breaks down, how do you know which kind to buy? What different kinds are there? What situation do they work best in? Well we cannot cover every type as that might require an entire book, but we can take a look at four air conditioners and how they work.


These units are extremely handy to keep around in case your regular AC unit breaks. These are free-standing and extremely easy to carry around to any area needed. They work by sucking in fresh air, removing heat and moisture before returning cool air to the room. Some have been reported as noisy and they definitely are not the most efficient option. Units with heat are also offered so that the unit can be used year round.

Window Units

These units are designed to fit in a standard window. These units can be extremely efficient as you can use them to only cool rooms that are occupied. Before central air this was the go-to way to cool your home but even with new air conditioning technologies they are far from being obsolete. Window units are mounted in a partially opened window with the hot air exhaust facing outside the house and the cool air blowing in.

Wall Air Conditioners

Wall units are very similar to window units but are mounted in a hole in the wall rather than a window. A chassis sleeve is used to mount these ACs into the wall where they can even be installed flush for a streamlined effect. They are different in window units in that they do not use a venting system because the wall would block the exhaust. These units can have higher cooling abilities than window units and are a bit heavier.

Ductless Mini-Split System Air Conditioners

Ductless units are becoming more and more popular due to their extreme efficiency. Cooling zones are created by having separate blower mechanisms in each room of the house. Outside of the house is a condenser that connects to the blowers by refrigeration lines. This means that unoccupied rooms do not have to be air conditioned just because the room you are currently in is hot. These very well may become the most popular air conditioners in the future as they become more affordable over time. Want to know more about air conditioners or need help with yours? Call the experts today at 7th Generation Air Conditioning and Heating at 941-966-1684. We serve the Sarasota, Bradenton and Venice areas.

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