How to Stay Warm on a Budget

For many people staying warm during the winter immediately brings to mind a walk over to the thermostat to warm things up a bit. But with so many Americans on tight budgets, especially with holiday expenses, depending solely on a furnace or any heating system may not be the most efficient way to stay comfortable.… read more

The Dangers of DIY HVAC

If you are like most people there are two scenarios in which you call a heating and air conditioning service; To have a unit installed and to repair a broken unit. In previous posts we’ve discussed the need for professional maintenance but for the purposes of this message we would specifically like to discuss the… read more

Five Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

As winter and colder temperatures are setting in, families tend to spend more time indoors with all access to outside air sealed to stay warm. More time indoors makes improving air quality vital to a family’s health. Control Moisture  Keep homes dry. Restrict humidity levels to under 60 percent, using dehumidifiers if needed. Clean humidifiers… read more

10 Most Common Heating and Cooling Problems

In Sarasota, Florida, HVAC units work hard year-round to keep homes comfortable, especially during long summers. Here are ten of the most common heating and cooling problems. Improper Operation Air conditioners are not meant to cool the outside. As our parents used to say, “we aren’t cooling the neighborhood.” First, close all your windows and… read more

5 Ways Maintenance Can Save You From an HVAC Emergency

All across Florida, HVAC system get a year full of hard work keeping homes comfortable for local families. Some people never think about their heating and cooling systems until they stop working due to catastrophic breakdowns. Regular maintenance ensures these emergencies don’t happen as often. Here are five ways regular HVAC maintenance can save you from… read more

6 Ways to Cut HVAC Costs

In Sarasota, Florida, staying comfortable through the summer often comes at a steep price . If your energy bills have your blood pressure rising, don’t miss these tips on maximizing your comfort while keeping your costs down. To keep even the best heating and cooling systems running as well as they should and to save… read more

5 Signs Your HVAC System Should Be Replaced

Whether you have a boiler or furnace, your heating and air systems are a large portion of the investment in your home. Understandably, most people opt not to replace their air conditioner, duct work, or heating systems unless absolutely necessary. Still, the last thing anyone wants is to be stuck in the middle of a… read more