Air Conditioners of the Future

It’s crazy to think that there are people alive today that did not have air conditioning at all or television. Someday people will say the same thing about the internet. In the last 100 to 150 years, civilization has made more progress than human history prior to that in its entirety. It’s no different with… read more

Four People Who Need Remote Control Air Conditioning

For decades we’ve enjoyed remote controls for our televisions, fans, stereos, garage doors, and many other things. It makes you wonder why remote controlled air conditioning wasn’t thought of sooner. But as the technology has been implemented it immediately surpassed the ability to just turn on the air from the couch. Smart phone connectivity and… read more

What to do When the Air Conditioner Floods

As Southwest Florida residents, most of us are not strangers to heavy rains and flooding, especially during hurricane season. Even as winter turns to spring soon, the changing temperatures will usher in bad weather which for many people means flooding. Depending on the placement of your outdoor air conditioner and the severity of the flooding… read more

Benefits of Programmable Thermostats

While so many of us get set in our ways and shun change, technology can be our best friend especially when it saves us money. Dial thermostats are going the way of the dinosaur in favor of thermostats that can do just about everything except make dinner for you. You might be one of the… read more

The Most Common Heating Problems

In Florida we may not use our heaters quite the same way as people in cooler climates do but they are still important as we do have our cold days. Heaters in Florida need attention too so let’s take a look at the five most common heating problems. Pilot/ Ignition Control For those with furnaces… read more

How not to Void Your HVAC Warranty

Many more of us than we care to admit consider it a big deal when we have a heating and air-conditioning unit installed, but then immediately forget it exists as long as the house is comfortable. In past articles we’ve talked about the need for maintenance for the sake of the unit itself. But since… read more