Five Thermostats and How they Work

Everyone who owns a home at one point or another has to replace a thermostat. The ones we have are almost part of the family with the way we become so accustomed to working with them. But when that time comes that you need to buy a new thermostat what type will you buy? Which… read more

How do I Improve my Home Air Quality?

With the blazing heat here in Southwest Florida you may find yourself spending more time indoors trying to stay cool. People are always talking about the environment outside but what about inside your home? Did you know that air quality is almost always poorer inside than out? With that in mind let’s look at some… read more

Summer Air Conditioning Maintenance

Here in Southwest Florida summer is in full force. Our air conditioners work overtime to keep us cool so it is only right that we should be good to our air conditioners. Often times we only think of doing maintenance in preparation for a season but there is maintenance that can and should be done… read more

The Two Most Common AC Problems

There is one thing here in Florida slightly less frightening than the hurricanes that sometimes bombard Southwest Florida. It is coming home to discover your air conditioner is broken in the middle of summer. The heat is so unbearable you are almost forced to take refuge at a friend or neighbors house, especially if there are… read more

Five Ways to Beat the Heat and Save Money

We are pretty sure most everyone here in Southwest Florida are interested in two things; saving money and staying cool (as in temperature, not the Fonze). We have taken a look specifically at things to do with your air conditioner before. While that is still important, we are going to broaden our focus to things… read more

How to Stay Cool Without Spending a Fortune

Summertime is getting closer by the day and in the tropical climate of Sarasota Florida, air conditioners will be working overtime. Power bills are almost always much higher in the summer than any other time of year. While you may not be able to keep your bill exactly as low as during the winter months,… read more

How to Choose a New Air Conditioner

If you are like us in Sarasota Florida, living in a tropical climate, at some point in your life you have probably had an air conditioner break. While many can be fixed, sometimes a unit just has to be replaced. Sure people in the 1800’s lived without AC but they also didn’t live as long… read more