The Two Most Common AC Problems

There is one thing here in Florida slightly less frightening than the hurricanes that sometimes bombard Southwest Florida. It is coming home to discover your air conditioner is broken in the middle of summer. The heat is so unbearable you are almost forced to take refuge at a friend or neighbors house, especially if there are infants or elderly people living there. For today we will take a look at the two most common air conditioning problems and what you should and shouldn’t do when trying to discover the source of the problem on your own.

AC Doesn’t Turn On

The first thing you can check is the thermostat. Sometimes systems, especially older ones, are delayed before turning on. Be patient and wait a few minutes at the thermostat to see if it comes on within a few minutes. If it does and this is a new behavior make a note of it and consider calling a certified HVAC technician to diagnose the problem. Sometimes thermostats require calibration and this has to be done by a professional.

You should check to see if power is on to the unit as well. Check to see if any other lamps or switches will not turn on. Then check both the breaker and the fuse. We know some of you are experienced working with electricity but we won’t get into changing fuses or wiring. We do not recommend anyone but a professional repair wiring as the extremely high voltage is very dangerous.

You can definitely check things out visually though. Notice any wires to the outside unit that may have been chewed up by dogs (very common). You may not be able to repair it if you are not a professional but making a note of these things can save your repair person a lot of time on diagnostics. If the breaker is flipped, simply turn it back on. This is relatively safe and a common occurrence.

If you can not locate the source of the problem or it is beyond your skill set call an HVAC technician immediately. Do not attempt repairs unless you are certified as this voids your AC unit’s warranty.

The Unit Blows Warm Air

Check for dirty filters. If you are one of the unfortunate souls that never changes filters, know that enough dirt can cause the unit to malfunction in this way. If the filters are dirty try washing or changing them depending on the type and then see if cool air starts blowing from the vents again.

If the filters are fine, take a look at the outside unit to see if that unit has turned on. If it isn’t then you will need repairs. If it is on, then check for leaves and other debris that could be blocking the intake.

If you have an older unit, quite often they will have trouble keeping up with triple digit temperatures. You may notice on cooler days it works fine, but on hot days it feels like it isn’t working. That’s how you know to start saving up for a new unit.

If you have questions about problems with your AC call 7th Generation Air Conditioning and Heating today at 941-966-1684.

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