Four Ways to Protect Your AC Unit During a Hurricane

Hurricane season is officially here in Southwest Florida. If the weather across the country so far this summer is any indication, we could be looking at lots of hurricane activity. There are many precautions we think about taking. Some of us even board up windows. But how often do we think about the air conditioning unit? It keeps us cool and comfortable during the notoriously hot Florida summers, but what do we do to protect it in the event of a hurricane or even just a severe storm? To answer that question we’ll take a look at four ways to protect your AC during a hurricane.

1. Shut it Down

There are many things that happen during a hurricane that can be a problem in terms of electricity during severe weather. Whether or not you plan to evacuate for dryer ground, shut off the AC at the breaker first. Quite often flooding occurs during hurricanes and as we know, water and electricity do not mix. The last thing you wants is an AC unit with electricity running through it sitting in a pool of water. Storms cause power surges as well which can do damage even when the AC is turned off at the switch. That’s why we say cut it off at the circuit breaker.

2. Clean up Your Yard

Pick up any rakes, shovels, toys, bikes, or anything left out in your yard. Not only do you not want to lose these items, they can become dangerous and damage your unit when they are tossed around in high speed winds. Double and triple check to make sure you left nothing outside.

3. Cover it up

Wind damage is the most common way that air conditioners are broken during hurricanes. Even though you have thoroughly cleaned up your yard and have been nice enough to remind neighbors to do so, doesn’t mean that everyone in your neighborhood has. Also things break off of roofs and fences and fly around so you ultimately can never totally prevent debris. There are a few ways to approach this. The AC has a cover that comes standard on it. Make sure it is secured tightly.

Then depending on where your outside unit is located, you can build an enclosure. For instance many people’s ACs are located on the side of their house behind a fence. But that still leaves the other side of the unit exposed. Some people build a second gate inside there fence so that the AC is covered on both sides.

If the unit rests in any other area, consider covering in with a tarp and building an enclosure around it. Just make sure whatever you build is firmly rooted so that it doesn’t become debris itself.

4. Remove Window Units

Take any window units and pull them inside the home. Seal up the window after.

For more information on how to protect your AC from hurricanes call 7th Generation Air Conditioning and Heating today at 941-966-1684.

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