Four People Who Need Remote Control Air Conditioning

For decades we’ve enjoyed remote controls for our televisions, fans, stereos, garage doors, and many other things. It makes you wonder why remote controlled air conditioning wasn’t thought of sooner. But as the technology has been implemented it immediately surpassed the ability to just turn on the air from the couch. Smart phone connectivity and web applications have enabled us to control our air conditioners from anywhere as long as we buy a compatible thermostat. But Is there really any benefit to remote controlled AC units? In Sarasota Florida it is going to get hot sooner than later so we’ll discuss just what those benefits are.

People With Fluctuating Schedules

Many people have turned to programmable thermostats and they are great, but only if you have a fixed routine. Many of us work varying hours based on our different careers and don’t leave or get home at the same time every day. With remote technology you can turn off the AC if you forgot before leaving the house. Before you come home you can turn it on in advance of your arrival so that you can enjoy a comfortable home as soon as you open the door.

Vacation Home Owners

While you certainly wouldn’t run the AC constantly in your vacation home you still need to use it to control the climate so as not to damage electronics, appliances, and furniture. Without remote control, you have to set the thermostat at a certain temperature and leave it which is way less efficient. Remote control also alerts you to any sudden temperature changes or failings from your unit so that you can have it fixed as soon as possible. In rare cases some home owners have been alerted to burglaries due to the unit turning on even though you turned it off five minutes ago. Remote monitoring is a must have for vacation homes.

Rental Property Owners

You probably aren’t going to have many tenants if you insist on controlling the air conditioner. But monitoring is a different story. Too many rental property owners stick with antiquated units that use large amounts of power. Happy tenants means money in your pocket. With the remote monitoring aspect of this technology you can learn and anticipate the needs of your tenant. How happy would a renter be if your maintenance person shows up before they even know the system is broken? During the heat of summer, if the AC never runs in a house or apartment, it might be a sign to check on the welfare of your renter, or that they have left and broken their lease. Rental property owners should really make air conditioning a priority, especially in the southwestern Florida heat. If you own a property with all bills paid than owning this technology is a necessity.

Caretakers of the Elderly

The benefits are numerous for this situation. Elderly people sometimes suffer from aging, alzheimers, dementia, arthritis and countless other ailments. Some are wheel chair bound and can’t reach the thermostat. While we don’t recommend anyone leave an elderly family member that can’t take care of themselves home alone, we know there are situations where home healthcare providers come by for only part of the day. When you can’t be there, you can always ensure the comfort of your loved one living in this situation.

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