Four Reasons You Need an AC Maintenance Plan Before Summer

If you’ve lived in Florida for any amount of time, one thing you know is that the winters are mild and the warm weather starts earlier than elsewhere in the country. Many winter days throughout the calendar still reach over 70 degrees but regardless of the time of year, air conditioning maintenance is a year-round job. For that reason we’ll take a look at five reasons you should sign an HVAC maintenance contract before summer begins.

Summer Breakdowns

A Floridian’s worst nightmare is an air conditioning breakdown during the peak summer temperatures. What you do or don’t do now will affect how well your air conditioning unit treats you during the summer. As the air conditioner goes unused during the mild winter months. When any kind of machine is not used regularly it tends to develop problems and a AC unit is no different. With a maintenance contract, your air conditioner is checked at regular intervals throughout the year so that problems are caught early and you don’t experience a breakdown when you need AC the most. The heat of the summer is the busiest time for air conditioner repair, but with regular maintenance problems are taken care of before they arise and even if you do experience a problem during the summer you get priority service with your plan.

Allergy Season

One important component of an HVAC maintenance contract is that the technician ensures ducts and vent stay clean and clear of debris, mold and allergens. As allergy season arrives with the onset of spring this becomes essential because you need your home to be a sanctuary from things that cause colds and allergies. There is nothing you can do about the pollens outside so if you suffer from allergies you already know you have plenty to deal with without having it in your home. The debris and particles that accumulate in ducts can upset the respiratory systems of children with developing immune systems and the elderly. Regular maintenance means a home with cleaner air year-round including allergy season when some people need it most.

Summer Energy Savings

Many of us cringe thinking about the energy bills we have to look forward to during the summer time. While some increases can’t be avoided as energy tends to cost more during the summer, the types of increases that come from poorly maintained AC units can. If certain maintenance is not done units become less efficient machines. If you didn’t get regular maintenance on your vehicle it would start consuming more gasoline and your money. It’s the same with air conditioning. A maintenance contract insures your system is running at peak efficiency, consuming less electricity to do the same job, saving you money on already costly power bills.

System Life

Let’s face it. Even though there are great deals on new units out there you can have installed it isn’t cheap to buy a brand new air conditioner. It’s one of, if not the most expensive appliance in your home no matter how good of a deal you get. Year-round maintenance will make your air conditioner last longer, saving you the costs of replacement and installation by extending the life of your system by years. Also many manufacturers require documented regular maintenance before honoring warranties. If your system has a defect that goes unnoticed and causes a total system failure, the cost of replacing it could come from your pocket if you haven’t had the required amount of maintenance done.

You could call an HVAC technician every time you need maintenance, but you are going to pay more for individual service visits while risking missing a mandatory maintenance by forgetting. Save yourself the time and money by calling If you 7th Generation Air Conditioning and Heating today at 941-966-1684 and ask about our maintenance service.


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