How not to Void Your HVAC Warranty

Many more of us than we care to admit consider it a big deal when we have a heating and air-conditioning unit installed, but then immediately forget it exists as long as the house is comfortable. In past articles we’ve talked about the need for maintenance for the sake of the unit itself. But since so many of us feel protected by the warranty without doing our part (for lack of knowledge) it is important to discuss things that must be done to keep your warranty in tact. Florida, in particular has more stringent regulations than some other states so it is important to know what to do to maintain a warranty that could potentially save you thousands of dollars.


This one is huge especially in Florida. If your heater or air-conditioner breaks and it is found to be caused by improper installation your warranty will not cover repairs. Also the state of Florida requires that anyone who installs or works on HVAC systems have a current license. So trying to save a few bucks by having a buddy who is good with electrical work is going to possible land you in hot water with the state of Florida and void your warranty. Always use a properly licensed HVAC technician to ensure the work is done right. Professionals often guarantee their work so on the off chance that there are any mistakes you can rest assured they will be corrected and your warranty will remain in tact.

This is a no-brainer, especially if you have a computer. How terrible would it be to lose your HVAC warranty because you simply did not sit down and go to the manufacturers website and register your unit? This is a gigantic investment in the value and comfort of your home and it is more than worth sitting down for ten minutes and visiting the manufacturers website to register. Remember that in the fine print you only get a certain window of time to get this done so don’t put it off. Register it the minute it is installed and you’ll have one less worry.

Choosing Parts
So you might be thinking, doesn’t the warranty cover my parts? Why would I be choosing them? HVAC warranties often only cover the major parts of a unit. Smaller things like belts and filters are up to you to take care of because they are considered maintenance. Most warranties require the use of manufacturer OEM parts and anything less will void your warranty. Again, remember in Florida that you must use a licensed technician so make sure to insist, even if you think they already know, that they use OEM parts.

Like we’ve said before, one of the most common reasons these systems break down is lack of maintenance. But lack of maintenance also voids the warranty. The manufacturer expects you to take care of your product and will not pay for repairs due to negligence. We all have busy lives and many of us don’t spend them thinking about the air-conditioner so the best way to keep this up to date is to sign a maintenance contract so that you never have to worry about remembering what needs to be done to your unit and when.

Save Your Receipts
For every bit of work you have done, or every filter you buy at the store you will be provided a receipt. If a breakdown occurs the manufacturer is going to want proof that you did your part to upkeep the system. Start a file and save every piece of paperwork you get including store receipts for filters to avoid losing your warranty.
These units are a huge investment and should they break, the warranty can save you thousands. By doing these simple things you can keep that warranty in tact and money in your pocket.


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