The Dangers of DIY HVAC

If you are like most people there are two scenarios in which you call a heating and air conditioning service; To have a unit installed and to repair a broken unit. In previous posts we’ve discussed the need for professional maintenance but for the purposes of this message we would specifically like to discuss the “Do-it-Yourselfers.” These are people who are understandably trying to save money during the Holiday season and may know a thing or two about HVAC and electrical repair. Here are three reasons to call a HVAC professional and ditch the dangerous DIY (Do-it-Yourself) approach.

Safety First

The most problematic thing about DIY HVAC repair are the numerous risks involved with working on these units even if you are handy with a wrench or have some experience with home appliances. There are several dangerous chemicals involved with the operation of these units, some of which you actually have to be licensed to work with. Make one wrong adjustment and you could severely damage your indoor air quality with dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, putting your entire family at risk.

The heating and air conditioning system is the largest most powerful appliance in any home. When you have a high power bill one of the first things you think of is your HVAC system because it takes an enormous amount of power to run these machines. These units utilize high voltage electricity that is more than enough to result in death. While the urge to save a few bucks for Christmas is totally understandable it is not in any way worth putting your family through the loss of a loved one. There is a reason that HVAC technicians go through extensive training to learn to work with these machines; because they are complicated and potentially dangerous.

Tool Costs

There are several specialized gages and tools that are manufactured strictly for HVAC repair and they are not cheap. Even if you know enough about the system to know that you need a certain tool it will most likely be cheaper to call the professional than to buy the tools. Since most DIY is born out of finances, this is important to know if your plan was to save money.

Costly Mistakes

HVAC technicians not only go through initial training to learn their trade, but they also attend ongoing courses to stay up with the latest advances in HVAC systems. They have keenly trained eyes and their work is insured. While it is true that they are human and make mistakes too, if you work on your unit and make a mistake, you are going to drive up the cost way past what the original problem needed. Even in the rare instance a trained professional makes a mistake, they are insured and guaranteed. You will never be charged for a professionals mistake. But your mistake could more than triple the cost of the repair. Again, if you are out to save money, the safe bet is to let the trained hand of an HVAC service professional do the work for you.
For the die-hard DIY people, keep your HVAC work to changing the filters and replacing thermostat batteries when needed. The most important thing during the Holiday season is having family happy, healthy and safe, not saving a few bucks for a repair you aren’t qualified to make.


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