Five Benefits of a HVAC Maintenance Agreement

The most unnoticeable thing in a person’s home is the heating and air conditioning unit it breaks down. Whatever your profession may be, unless it is HVAC technician, it is extremely difficult and often dangerous to do all the things necessary to keep it up and running all year. And with a full time job and family, who can even keep up with what maintenance need to be done and when? Here are five benefits to buying a HVAC maintenance agreement.

Avoid Costly Repairs

With a service technician coming by at regularly scheduled intervals, not only do you no longer have to worry about remembering when to call for maintenance, you save yourself from costly repairs down the road. You may know how to do some simple HVAC maintenance, but a professional has a trained eye to find small issues before they turn into bigger issues.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Between the flu, sinus infections, allergies, colds and all other airborne illness, air quality is essential to a healthy household. A maintenance agreement will include cleaning ducts and every nook and cranny of the system that needs cleaning. Some people do try to clean ducts themselves but this is another situation where the professional knows all the hard-to-reach places that mold and allergens hide, and how to get to them.

Lower Utility Costs

Energy for a home is costly enough without having a heater or air conditioner that has to work twice as hard to keep your living space comfortable. All it takes is the regular attention to detail that a HVAC technician provides to make sure your unit remains a well-oiled, efficient machine. Most of a home’s power bill goes toward heating and cooling so keeping these systems in tip-top shape results in significantly lower electricity and gas bills.

Longer System Life

The more care you put into anything in life, the longer it lasts. Take a unit that could have lasted 20 years with proper upkeep if all goes well and compare it to a neglected system that might last ten years. Obviously the maintenance in this example has cut the cost of buying new units in half at least. A HVAC unit is an investment in the comfort and well-being of your household. Don’t throw your money away when a regularly scheduled visit from a professional results in a longer lasting unit.

Maintenance Plans Pay For Themselves

So far it has been established that not having regular professional maintenance results in an inefficient unit that raises your power bill, adds to airborne illness and doctor visits, turns minor problems into costly problems, and eventually ends in the premature death of the entire system. Add up all those costs in your home and compare that to the reasonable cost of a maintenance plan and you will see that these plans not only save you money; they pay for themselves rather quickly.
With a family, a career, children, and all the other responsibilities in life the last thing you need is to try to remember when to maintain your HVAC system or even worse, try to do it yourself, which is dangerous. Call a professional and buy a maintenance plan that will save you time, money and effort all while paying for itself.


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