5 Ways Maintenance Can Save You From an HVAC Emergency

All across Florida, HVAC system get a year full of hard work keeping homes comfortable for local families. Some people never think about their heating and cooling systems until they stop working due to catastrophic breakdowns. Regular maintenance ensures these emergencies don’t happen as often. Here are five ways regular HVAC maintenance can save you from a costly breakdown.

1. Keeping Drain Lines and Pans Clear

Debris in drain lines can cause them to clog and overflow, causing your system to go down, and water damage. If a slow water leak goes undetected, you could end up with dangerous mold growth. Clearing the lines and drains is simple and prevents a big expensive mess.

2. Cleaner Coils

When the coil gets coated with dirt and grime, it can’t effectively transfer heat. That makes your system work harder to cool the space. Increased load on the fan motor and compressor can cause them to fail. Cleaning the coils as part of HVAC preventive maintenance before the start of the season takes care of this issue, and it prevents system failure.

3. Clean Fan Blades

When the blades get coated with grime, the fan speed slows down, putting a strain on the motor and eventually causing it to fail. Cleaning the blades during HVAC preventive maintenance easily prevents this problem.

4. Electrical Wiring Checks

Your technician will inspect all wiring and electrical connections. Electrical problems are some of the most expensive to fix once they’ve gone undetected, so having regular check prevents large rewiring projects and costly repairs.

5. Part Replacement

When a worn belt or pulley suddenly snaps, you’ll find yourself without heating and cooling in a hurry. Maintenance checks are designed to scan for parts that are worn out so that a smaller repair now saves you from a costly one later.

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