Does My AC Need a Tune Up

Does My AC Need a Tune Up

Floridians have their air conditioning cranked up almost year round. During the brief period of time when the temperature dips below 70 degrees, on comes the heat with little to no thought about how the constant usage is affects their cooling and heating system. All of a sudden, they find that their electric bill is sky high, and their system just is not working as well as it used to.

Saving Money with an AC Tune Up

Most people do not realize what it takes to maintain their air condition unit, to them it is just their lifeline to a cool and comfortable place to go home to after work or spend their weekends relaxing. They don’t really think much about what it takes to keep their home cool and comfortable until they get an electric bill that is outrageous, then they start to question why.

Taking care of your air and heating unit is similar to owning a car, you have to take the car in for oil changes, and maintenance to keep it running, your air conditioning and heating unit also requires maintenance, however most people don’t pay much attention to their air and heating unit until something goes wrong with it.

Then there are people who know their air and heating unit should have a tune up and regular maintenance, but they put it off because the unit is working fine, and they are reluctant to take on any extra bill. However, the cost of a tune up is less expensive and keeps the unit running smoothly, compared to the unit breaking and needing additional repairs or replacement parts. In the meantime, they lose their cool comfortable home, while the wait for the repairs.

Why AC Maintenance is Important

Certified HVAC technicians can fix small problems before they led to a big problem, which would require a bigger repair job or even a part(s) replacement. In rare cases if the unit has not been maintained or had a tune up the replacement parts may be more costly than purchasing a new unit.

You should always at the very least have a technician give your air and heating system a once over, each year. Often times, the parts that need repairing or replacement may still be under warranty. Which would reduce your bill considerably.  Also, a system that is running efficiently will keep your electric bill down.

What to Expect From an AC Tune Up

At 7th Generation Air Conditioning and Heating, we take the care and maintenance of your cooling and heating system seriously. Here’s what we check during your systems tune up; Refrigerant pressures, compressor amp draw, condenser, thermostat, and system operation, outdoor fan motor, indoor coil, indoor fan motor, indoor motor amp draw, air handler, outdoor fan motor amp draw, ductwork, blower wheel, drain pan safety switch, drain pan and line, electrical wiring for outdoor and indoor units, and the safety controls are all checked over and repaired or replaced if need be, during an AC tune up.  

Scheduling a yearly tune up will help save you money on your electric bill and give you peace of mind when the temperatures rise and the humidity reaches 100%.    

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