Four Reasons to Have Your Heater Checked Even in Florida

Fall is here, and although living in the Southwest Florida area means warm weather much of the year, winters do still get cold. Because so much of the year in Florida is warm, heating systems are often neglected when it comes to maintenance and are prone to problems from lack of use. This means that despite Florida’s warm climate, it’s still extremely important to schedule a tune-up before winter to make sure that your family is comfortable and safe when the time comes to run the heater. Here are four ways a heater check keeps your system running through winter.

Longer Unit Life

Everything you own is an investment. If you take good care of your investment, no matter what it is, it will last longer. Regular heating tune-ups will help your system reach the full extent of its lifespan. Heaters that receive annual tune-ups last longer on average than units that receive little or no attention. Tuning up your system annually adds years to the life of your heating unit and greatly increases its value, which means a better return on the initial investment you made in your heating system.

Increased Home Comfort

Maintenance is a must if you are serious about having a comfortable home to live in. After all, the most important purpose of your HVAC system is to keep your family comfortable, and a properly running heater makes your home a warmer and more inviting place for those you love. Without regular tune-ups, your heater will likely develop issues that make it difficult for the unit to heat your home the way you want it to. Owning and maintaining a home is a big investment, and having a well-maintained heating system greatly contributes to the value you get from your home.

Improved Heating System Efficiency

All the components of your heating system (including your thermostat) must be operating at full capacity for your system to reach its full potential. During a heating system inspection, technicians check various things, including thermostat calibration, electrical connections, and starting capabilities, to make sure everything is in tip-top shape and running at maximum efficiency. Tune-ups bring your heater to peak operating efficiency, allowing your unit to consume less energy and keeping your utility bills under control. The earlier in the season you get your tune-up, the longer you will take advantage of these lower operating costs.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

When not maintained properly, indoor air is often much dirtier than outdoor air. In the winter months (flu season), this puts your family at risk during a time when everyone is more vulnerable to bacteria and viruses. Heating system tune-ups make a huge difference in improving your indoor air quality, particularly when it comes to your air handler and ducts. People tend to spend more time indoors during the winter, making it easier for germs to spread back and forth between family members. A clean, tuned-up heating system minimizes the bacteria and viruses in your home’s air, resulting in a happy and healthy family.

Even in Florida there will be a few cold days that the heater will be needed. Non-use can be just as bad on a machine as heavy use so it is important to have regular heater maintenance checks and tune-ups if needed. And if there are repairs needed it’s much better to deal with it now than when the system gets severely damaged.

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