Little Homeowner A/C Mistakes that Cost Big Bucks

The devil is in the details. Though it’s a strange saying, it often rings true. Meant to convey the importance of paying attention to the little things, the saying could be applied to most aspects of daily living, including your home’s air conditioning and its efficiency. Homeowners often do little things that cost them big money by causing their air conditioning units to run less efficiently. After decades of experience serving our Lake Sarasota neighbors with air conditioning service and repair, we often see the same little mistakes repeated by unknowing homeowners again and again. Keep your unit running at its optimal best by avoiding these common mistakes:air conditioning repair Lake Sarasota

  • Trying to disguise your outdoor unit. Sure, it’s not the most-aesthetically-pleasing element of your landscaping, but covering it with fencing or bushes will hinder its ability to push and pull air through properly. Your outdoor unit needs at least a yard of space on each side. The extra space also allows for easy access for service and maintenance.
  • Covering your thermostat. Though it would hardly be considered art, your thermostat needs to remain uncovered also. Disguising it with wall art or pictures, causes it to misread the actual temperature in the room which leads it to run needlessly or to turn on and off repeatedly or at the wrong times.
  • Stopping the air flow to unused rooms. Closing off vents was once considered an energy-saving tactic but today’s systems are dependent on a balanced air pressure for proper air flow and cooling of that air. The imbalance can cause your air conditioner to overwork which costs you money every time you close off those vents.
  • Performing your own air conditioning repair or maintenance. DIY fixes can often create more problems than they solve. Only trained and certified HVAC technicians should attempt to service any air conditioner component.


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